Why Florence is better with an individual guide

My clients telling me: Florence is so small, but there are so many things to see, that you can not reconsider in a month … And it’s really so. If you come just for a couple of days you need to be navigated not to miss the main attractions. Guidebooks do not provide exhaustive information, which, moreover, is incredibly difficult to understand while you’re travelling for the fist time. I can offer you you an individual route through the city and it’s museums at a suitable time for you. Private excursion is not limited by usual monotonous program, it considers easy communication with a guide, it gives an opportunity to ask questions and dive into curious details that you won’t get on the group excursions. I’ll be hay to guide you through the most beautiful city in the world.

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Walking tour and city surroundings

Walking tour and city surroundings

Florence — The sunny city with incredible history and architecture, blooming flowers and surrounding olive groves and cypress trees is where the phenomenon of the Renaissance was born. Incredible artists contributed their masterpieces that defined the evolution of the European society for the benefit of many generations.
As we walk around the city center and through the famous piazzas, you will learn about local traditions and curiosities. While working many years as a guide in Florence, the city is filled with many exciting details that could never bore my mind.

The Court secrets of the Medici

The Court secrets of the Medici

By saying Florence, we mean Medici.
Who were they? Where did they live? Where did you come from? What values did they preach? Ruthless masters of the city or generous patrons? How much did they pay to their court artists? What was their relationship with a Pope?
We’ll explore their genealogy, family secrets and beloved places together.

Monasteries and churches of Florence

Monasteries and churches of Florence

Aside from the famous monuments and museums, we will go off «the beaten path» of the traditional tourist attractions. Hidden in churches and monasteries we will find murals and pieces of art from various epoch artists, including conserved murals of «The Last Supper» and other pieces that will explain the episodes of life in Florence during the time of the Renaissance.

Галерея Уффици

The Uffizi Gallery

Following the walking tour of the city and a delicious lunch in a local trattoria, we will visit the Uffizi Gallery. The Uffizi is one of the oldest art galleries in Europe. It obtains the masterpieces of Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo and other outstanding masters.

  • Optional tour — Featuring only the Uffizi Gallery

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance

The tour begins at the home of Dante Alighieri in the medieval quarter of Florence. We will explore through a couple courtyards to learn about the architecture and organization of the medieval tower homes that were united by political and economic views of their inhabitants.
We will discuss the transformation from medieval narrow towers to spacious palaces.
Learning about the construction and decoration of how the richest families of the city competed by attracting famous epoch artists. You will understand why and how the Renaissance came about in Florence, precisely in the XIV century.

Panoramic tour of Florence

Panoramic tour of Florence

This tour includes San Miniato monastery, Piazza Michelangelo, the Iris and Rose Gardens all with incredible views of the city.
San Miniato is the most ancient basilica in the city with Romanesque style. It’s filled with history, original frescoes and mosaics.

  • This tour is suitable for active tourists as it consists of many stairs and trails among the hill.

Basilica of Santa Croce

Basilica of Santa Croce

The tour will begin in the Piazza of Santa Croce where the traditional Florentine Football matches have taken place since the middle ages.
The church of Santa Croce is the largest operating Franciscan basilica in the world, a museum and a pantheon. It contains the tombs of Michelangelo, Machiavelli and Galileo.
Inside the chapel you will find such an abundance of beauty which had caused physiological trauma to a famous French writer named Stendhal, which was later called the «Stendhal's syndrome». Found in the cathedral are masterpieces of Donatello, Bernardo Rossellini, Antonio Canova and murals of Giotto and his followers.

Michelangelo the Genius

Michelangelo the Genius

This tour is a nice complemental follow up after a walking tour of Florence. To learn more about the unsurpassed sculptor, painter, philosopher of the Renaissance, who worked for the Medici, the Pope, and the rich and famous families of the age, you need to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Florence during the15th and 16th centuries. Michelangelo Buonarroti lived 89 years and managed to do a lot. He was known for his closed character. There are a few museums that are a must-see, in order to comprehend this genius' masterpieces. Casa Buonarotti — the family home; The Bargello National Museum; The Academia — where the original statue of the David and other famous statues are located; the Medici chapels — which has the Medici tombs and more!

Vineyards of Toskana

Vine and Oil

Area of Chianti — territory between Florence and Siena is full of olive and grape valleys famous all over the world for their incredible views. The red wine Chianti known for its tart taste and pot-bellied bottle in a straw case was born here centuries ago. But Florence surroundings are not only about the wine. The production of dark green extra virgin olive oil you can find, literally in every village. If you want to try, buy very fresh famous Italian products o even participate in creating process — this tour is for you. You’ll be invited to some authentic family tuscan factories where you’d be delighted to spend the whole day.

The tour is availble due to possession of a car by the client.