About me

My name is Ekaterina Pavlova. History is my profession. Originally Russian, I’m able to speak and work in three languages — russian, italian and english. More than fifteen years ago I have graduated the faculty of history of the Moscow University. After the great experience in editing an writhing I have decided to get back to my roots, to my passion — the history. My love story with a city of Florence has brought me here, where I decided to settle down. It’s been over ten years that I have moved myself here, the city of endless civilisation, culture and art of Renaissance. Florence is full of masterpieces of architecture, fine arts, painting and literature, which are deserved to be racognised by the visitors of the city. Once I moved, I’ve decided to go ahead with a history — so i continued my studies to get the profession of tourist guide. It took me a few years, and it was hard to obtain the degree, but it’s worth it. The license permits me to guide persons throw this wonderful city and it’s surroundings. I work with prive tourists as well as with a groups. It will be my pleasure to welcome you in Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.